The Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP) promotes and supports relevant researches in the field of pediatric infectious diseases. The research committee of the PIDSP is tasked to screen research proposals for funding. In order to streamline the research projects funded by the society, the research committee deemed it necessary to identify and prioritize research areas in pediatric infectious diseases. This list of research priorities will serve as a guide in the screening of research proposals for PIDSP funding and in the future development of research proposals.

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List of PIDSP Research Priorities


Looking for Research Grant


June 20, 2014

Dear Colleagues:

The Pediartric Infectious Disease of the Philippines (PIDSP) is offering funds for a research proposal for any topic on Pediatric Infectious Disease to be submitted by Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellows in active training preferably on their second year of fellowship. The research fund is planned to help fellows who may need funding in their research project to complete the requirements for fellowship program.

Qualifications for the Grant

  1. Principal proponent (principal investigator) must be a PIDSP member in good standing, including life fellows, regular fellows, diplomates, associate and affiliate members.
  2. If the principal proponent is a pediatric resident physician or fellow-in-training (PIDS), a PIDSP member in good standing must be a co-proponent (co-investigator or co-author) of the research project.
  3. The research project must be in line with the PIDSP research agenda and research priorities.
  4. The research project must be based in the Philippines.
  5. Development of systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines, surveillance projects, funded by the pharmaceutical companies do not qualify for the grant.
  6. Proposals must be for projects that will be completed within a period of 1 to 2 years.
  7. If the research involves human subjects, the proposal should have been submitted and approved by the Ethics Review Board of the institution where the study will be conducted.
  8. Any other exception to the above qualifications for proposals should be brought up with the panel and justifications presented for appropriate action.

Requirement for Submission of Research Proposal

  1. Five (5) copies of the research proposal must be submitted at the PIDSP office not later than June 30 and November 30 of each calendar year to qualify for the year’s funding cycle. Electronic submission at is allowed but print copies should still be submitted at the PIDSP office within 1 week of submission.
  2. Letter of application for the grant ( Appendix 1) which is downloadable from the PIDSP website should be submitted by the PIDSP proponent or endorsed by the PIDSP co-proponent if the principal proponent is a pediatric resident physician or fellow-in-training in PIDS . The letter should be addressed to the Chair of the Research Committee, Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines.
  3. The letter should mention the amount of funding requested and whether the request is for partial or full funding. It should also indicate whether the proposal has been submitted to other agencies and the status of the application.

You may call our secretariat at Tel No. 3741855; CP#09285221108 for any enquiries and concerns.
Thank you very much for your kind attention. We look forward to receiving your proposals from your institution.


Very truly yours,

Marimel R. Pagcatipunan, MD
Chair, Research Grant Sub-Committee


Noted by:
| Rosemarie S. Arciaga, MD – Chair, Research CommitteeSalvacion R. Gatchalian, MD – President, PIDSP |