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2016 Journals

Journal 2016 Vol.17 No.1
 Procalcitonin – Guided Antibiotic Therapy in Pediatric Patients: a Systematic Review
Aina B. Albano-Cabello MD, Jeff Ray T. Francisco MD, Anna Lisa T. Ong-Lim MD, Lorna R. Abad MD
Serum procalcitonin is a useful biomarker in establishing the presence of bacterial infections and has been used in algorithms to guide antibiotic treatment among adults. It role in pediatric infections, however, remains unclear.


Journal 2016 Vol.17 No.1
The Association of Pre-Operative Hospital Stay with Surgical Site Infection Among Pediatric Patients After A Clean Neurosurgical Operation
 Cleo Anne Marie E. Dy-Pasco, MD, Cecilia C. Maramba-Lazarte, MD   
Surgical site infection (SSI) poses a serious threat in Neurosurgery. The mere presence of SSI would warrant a prompt medical and/ or surgical intervention for the outome is very poor. This study aims to establish wether a pre-operative hospital stay of >7 days & other risk factors predisposes to surgical site infections.
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Journal 2016 Vol.17 No.1
Association Of Clinical And Laboratory Parameters Of Patients With Neonatal Sepsis
Charlene Capili, MD    
Neonatal sepsis is one of the leading causes of death among newborns, and diagnoses is a challenge to clinicians.      
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Journal 2016 Vol.17 No.1
Profile Of Community-Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Skin And Soft-Tissue Infections Among Children Admitted At The Philippine General Hospital
Pauline T. Reyes-Solis, MD, Salvacion R. Gatchalian, MD 
CA-MRSA infection is a global concern. It is important to determine the local prevalence of CA-MRSA skin and soft-tissue infection as this information will provide a more accurate and rational basis for empiric treatment, improve management and outcomes in patients, and reduce the economic burden associated with failed treatment. This study was conducted to dtermine the clinical profile and prevalence of CA-MRSA skin and soft tissue infections among pediatric patients admitted at the Philippine General Hospital.
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Journal 2016 Vol.17 No.1
Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing The Efficacy Of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Rub Versus Standard Hand Washing For Hand Hygiene Among Healthcare Workers
Loralyn Mae O. Lagaya-Aranas, MD
Access to handwashing areas is not as convenient as having alcohol in one’s pocket or bedside. Alternatively, cleaning the hands with alcohol can save us a lot of time and effort in disinfecting our hands thus giving us more time for patient care. If alcohol can be proven as effective as soap and water in hand disinfection, then residents and nurses may use this method of hand hygiene instead.


Journal 2016 Vol.17 No.1
Your Diagnosis Please: 8-Year-Old Child With Chronic Ear Discharge, Infraorbital Ulcer, And Pneumonia
Carol Stephanie Tan, MD
An 8 year-old female consulted at our institution due to left ear discharge. 6 months prior to consulting, the patient developed infraorbital swelling and erthema after she hit a metal post.
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